Climate Action
Squamish climate strike - Tracey Saxby

Youth demand climate action at the Global Climate Strike in Squamish, September 2019. Photo: Tracey Saxby

The science of climate change is clear.

We must stop producing the carbon pollution that is destabilizing our climate, and start building the green, just and sustainable economy that our oceans and planet so urgently need. Politicians and the corporations most responsible for climate change make grand promises and strong commitments to change their ways, but rarely follow through on them.

We need accountability.

For decades, oil and gas corporations have known that burning fossil fuels would cause the heat waves, wildfires, drought and flooding that we’re now experiencing in BC. These multinational companies spent millions to deceive, deny and distract us on their way to billions in profit by preventing action on climate change. We must force oil and gas corporations to change their business practices and pay their fair share for the harm they’re causing. We need to Sue Big Oil.

The BC government takes every opportunity to announce they are climate leaders, but we have a history of missing our climate goals. The current BC climate plan will not get us to our legally-binding climate targets, never mind more stringent science- and justice-based targets. The province hands out billions to profitable fracking companies while the crisis destroys roads and bridges, forces people out of their homes due to fires, and kills hundreds from extreme heat. It’s an emergency, and we must act like it. Premier Eby must take immediate action to Confront the Climate Emergency.

The current BC climate plan will not get us to our legally-binding climate targets, and ignores the more stringent requirements to meet science-based climate goals. We need urgent change in our priorities and actions. Here are 10 actions BC must take to address the climate emergency.

We can build the green, just, and sustainable economy our oceans and planet need, but we can only do it together.

Take action now!