The Issues

Georgia Strait is under incredible pressure.  It has been called “the most at-risk natural environment in Canada”.  Learn more about this amazing body of water and some of the issues of greatest concern that our work addresses:

About the Strait

Georgia Strait is a unique inland sea in British Columbia that supports thousands of creatures and the 3 million people who live along its shores.

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Pollution in our marine environment from industry and other sources is a threat to all of us in this region. GSA is tackling the sources of spills and other toxic releases, large and small, to reduce the growing number of contaminants in our waters.

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Species and habitat loss

There are over 119 marine species at risk in and around the Salish Sea, and the primary reason is habitat loss. Learn more about the issues and what we're doing to protect the incredible wildlife that calls this region home.

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Climate Change

The effects of climate change on our local environment are growing. From sea level rise to ocean acidification, climate change is real and we're seeing the impacts right here at home. A raft of proposed fossil fuel developments put our region on the front lines of the climate challenge.

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Vessel Traffic

Marine vessels of all kinds ply the waters of Georgia Strait. Freighters, tankers, ferries, fuel barges, cruise ships, fish boats and pleasure craft all navigate these tricky waters. With vessel traffic set to increase dramatically, so are the risks.

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Most challenges surrounding Georgia Strait stem from the region’s rapid population growth and the urbanization and development that have been associated with it. Although the region makes up approximately 2% of the area of BC, it contains two-thirds of its population.

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