Our approach

Grounded in environmental justice, we mobilize and support collective action to protect the Salish Sea region.

In order to achieve our vision of a Salish Sea teeming with life where thriving and just communities live in balance with the environment, we recognize that our approach to environmental conservation must build and activate community power to foster systems transformation that is community-led. This approach centres and takes its lead from communities, and reflects that we cannot achieve healthy ecosystems without also supporting healthy communities. We recognize that the people most impacted by climate change and environmental degradation have traditionally been excluded from the conversation, and we are committed to changing that by listening and working with these communities to address the complex and cross-cutting threats to the Salish Sea region.

Based on our values of collaboration, caring, courage, accountability and interconnectedness we:

  • Build and activate community power through relationship development and capacity building
  • Foster systems transformation by advocating for community-led initiatives and policy asks
  • Connect people and place through engagement and awareness building, and
  • Strengthen organizational health and equity.