About Us

photo: Michael Wheatley

photo: Michael Wheatley

We acknowledge that our work takes place on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territories of the Coast Salish peoples.

Since 1990, Georgia Strait Alliance has been an effective voice for communities who care about the waters of Georgia Strait and all the creatures that call it home. We are that voice because we collaborate with individuals, businesses and government to achieve:

Our Mission

To protect and restore the marine environment and promote the sustainability of Georgia Strait, its adjoining waters, and communities.

Through our programs and initiatives, we:

  • Protect the diversity of wildlife and their habitat;
  • Restore the region’s water and air quality;
  • Promote the social, cultural, economic and environmental sustainability of the region’s communities;
  • Foster understanding and stewardship of the marine environment;
  • Raise awareness of the links between the health of ecosystems and human communities.

Georgia Strait Alliance seeks solutions to the problems and issues that threaten the marine environment of the Strait of Georgia, and we achieve results using a long-term approach as we believe this is the best way to create real change. We are effective because we work:

  • Collaboratively across sectors, empowering citizens and communities with knowledge and tools for engagement and advocacy;
  • With experts to find science-based solutions to root causes;
  • To build relationships across sectors to identify champions where we can.

We know that a healthy and protected marine environment is good for the economy, communities, and wildlife. … our efforts move us toward a better future for our region that includes clean water and air, healthy wild salmon runs, rich marine life and natural areas, and sustainable communities.