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With the pressures of pollution, urbanization and climate change growing in the Salish Sea region, we are focused on finding solutions and protecting habitat through community engagement and mobilization, political advocacy and legal action.

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Climate Action

The impacts of climate change are here and are being seen in the waters of the Salish Sea and in communities along its shores. We are working with you to find the solutions to mitigate these impacts, halt the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure, and hold the carbon majors responsible for the impacts of their products on this region.

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Clean Marine BC

Through our award winning Clean Marine BC marina eco-certification program and our popular our Guide to Clean Boating, we are helping the over 700,000 boaters in British Columbia reduce their impacts on the marine environment and become leaders in protecting the waters they love.

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Energy & oil spills

Proposals like the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion risk turning Georgia Strait into a superhighway for fossil fuel exports, exposing our coast to the increased likelihood of a spill. We are working to protect our coast and communities from oil spills, advocating for better protection while supporting the needed move to a zero carbon economy.

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