Water’s Edge Day 2015

Georgia Strait Alliance organizes, hosts, and participates in dozens of events throughout the region each year. These events are a great chance to connect with the community, letting you know more about who we are and what we do, while raising awareness about the issues we care so deeply about. Plus, we have a lot of fun at the same time!

Come out for a fun day of exploration, education and adventure at Water’s Edge Day, and be inspired and motivated at the Vancouver Festival of Ocean Films. And that’s just the start!! Check back often for new events in a community near you.

Upcoming Events

South Vancouver Island & Islands | Vancouver  


Tide Pool School

The intertidal is an area of the coastline which can be indicative of overall ecosystem health, and is an environment that contains a large variety of creatures which can open imaginations to the wonders present within the Georgia Strait. Local biologists and conservationists with the Georgia Strait Alliance and leaders from the Friends of Uplands Park will present about several species found in the intertidal, and encourage proper beachgoer behaviour and procedure. Join us for this free and family-friendly event!

Date & Location

Kitty Islets, Oak Bay, Victora

Sunday, August 12
Join us anytime from 10 to 11:30 am
~with low tide of 0.3m at 10:54 am
Meet us at the bottom of the stairs at the Kitty Islets | Map
parking is available on Beach Drive (2 minute walk) 

Swim for the Salish Sea

Salish Sea Swimmer Rama DelaRosa is feeling lots of love for the Orcas – help her reach her fundraising goal!

Swimmer and activist Rama DelaRosa took her final stroke in her Swim for the Salish Sea Orcas on August 5th, completing the six-day, 79.1 km journey around Salt Spring Island in just over 40 hours. On day 2 Rama achieved a personal best, swimming an incredible 25.37 km in 13:25 hours!

Thanks to those of you who have supported Rama’s Swim for the Salish Sea Orcas with your donations. Please help Rama on this final push to meet her fundraising goal by sharing this story with your friends and donating today if you haven’t already done so.

Donate and help Rama raise her goal of $20,000 for GSA’s orca protection work.

A few words from Rama:

I’m so grateful to be part of a community that cares so much about our coast and our beloved Salish Sea Orcas. A community willing to show up with love and do something about it! I hope we care enough about ourselves and each other to make a change before it’s too late, for the orcas and for us. 

Tahlequah, the grieving mother orca who has held her dead calf out of the water for over a week, knows, and shows us, you do not give up on what you love. We won’t give up!

The welcome reception at my finish was just gorgeous! Loved ones sang me to shore smiling and cheering. It feels really good to have finished the swim with so much support, now I’m going to focus on reaching my fundraising goal. So close!!!

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Water’s Edge Day

Saturday, September 15, 2018
Vanier Park, Vancouver

Water’s Edge Day is an annual community celebration at Vanier Park, in Vancouver, for an all-ages activity fun-day, with land and water activities. All activities are free!

Details for this year’s event coming soon! 

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