Energy & oil spills

Plans to dramatically increase shipments of oil, coal and LNG through our waters risk turning the Georgia Strait into a superhighway for fossil fuel exports. If these projects go ahead, BC would be responsible for millions of extra tonnes of carbon emissions each year, and the magnificent Salish Sea would face the constant threat of a catastrophic oil spill that would devastate the marine environment, coastal communities and BC’s entire economy for decades to come.

Projects like the proposed Trans Mountain pipeline expansion have put our region at the heart of a global conversation about energy use and climate change. These projects are mainly designed to export land-locked fossil fuels overseas, so to get to market, they need to go through us.  This gives us power, and it gives us responsibility.

Here in the Georgia Strait, we have an incredible opportunity.  If we come together and  say no to dirty fossil fuels and yes to a clean energy future, we can protect our local waters from the threat of a major oil spill, and play a major part in protecting our climate for our children and grandchildren.