Biodiversity protection

Programs & campaigns

Orca protection

Southern Resident orcas are a symbol of everything we value about this region–their beauty, power and fragility are the inspiration for our desire to protect this beautiful inland sea.

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Deltaport Expansion

The Port of Vancouver has proposed a dramatic expansion in the form of a three-berth container terminal, called Roberts Bank Terminal 2. The proposed footprint for the project extends into habitat critical for many species in the region, including Southern Resident orcas, wild Pacific salmon and migrating birds.

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Salmon Aquaculture

Wild salmon are in a state of emergency suffering from multiple stressors, including climate change, and by removing this industry from BC waters now, we can help clear the path for their survival and recovery.

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Wastewater & Stormwater

Without proper treatment, the human waste, toxic chemicals and heavy metals that are in sewage end up in the ocean, endangering the health of both humans and marine life.

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Marine planning

Humans have caused a great deal of damage to our world’s oceans. But fortunately, along with the ability to cause harm, we have the ability to heal. Creating a network of MPAs could buy us the time we need to learn to properly safeguard our amazing marine resources.

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