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Proposed Terminal 2 Deltaport Expansion

Proposed T2 Deltaport expansion

Proposed T2 Deltaport expansion

The Salish Sea is home to over 7 million people as well as a growing number of threatened or endangered species, including the southern resident killer whale, Chinook salmon, shorebirds such as the Western Sandpiper and numerous species of rockfish.  It is a region rich in culture and wildlife, but one that is also very vulnerable.

The Port of Metro Vancouver is the busiest port in Canada, and therefore the risks and stresses of growing shipping traffic is a concern for its impact on wildlife and communities in the region.  In 2011, Port Metro Vancouver served over 3000 vessels carrying 122.5 million tons of cargo – and with the proposed Terminal 2 Deltaport expansion proposal now undergoing an environmental assessment, that number could grow.

The Terminal 2 proposals not only will increase shipping traffic in the Salish Sea, but the expansion is being proposed right in the heart of the southern resident orcas critical habitat – the habitat that this fragile species relies on for its survival.

Communities around the region are concerned about this proposal and have been making those concerns heard.  It is thanks to their hard work that the environmental assessment is occurring and there is growing pressure to ensure that the assessment will include all the impacts from shipping.

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