Orca Action Month

June is Orca Month banner

June is our favourite month of the year!

Why? June is Orca Action Month in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia, a month in which we come together to learn, connect and work towards the protection and recovery of Southern Resident orcas.

With only 74 individuals in the wild and listed as endangered in both the US and Canada, Southern Resident orcas are in a critical state and need all the help they can get. Three main threats can be linked to their population decline and which are undermining their recovery: a lack of their main prey, high levels of chemicals and toxins in their habitat as well as noise pollution and vessel disturbance.

Although progress has been made to address these threats and measures for their recovery have been implemented every year since 2019, the continued fragile state of the population tells us it’s not enough and we can’t stop now.

During the month of June, we’ll be providing information about Southern Resident orcas to communities and individuals around the Salish Sea and encouraging them to be active participants in their recovery and conservation – in June and all year round!

This year is especially important with two new born calves in the population that will need safe and productive waters to grow up and survive their first year, which is the most challenging year of their lives. So this June, as we cautiously celebrate their lives, we will keep raising awareness and advocating for the need to protect them and the habitats they depend on.

Orca Action Month 2022

We hosted a variety of events and activities (see below for videos of some of the events), both online and in person, to celebrate and create awareness around Southern Resident orcas.

However, we also wanted to celebrate everyone that has been key to the recovery efforts for this endangered population.

At GSA, we believe that the only way for Southern Resident orcas to recover is through collaboration and by working together in the community. That’s why we have created the Orca Action Team, a community of orca enthusiasts that receive quarterly online newsletters with the latest updates related to Southern Resident orcas and our work.

Join the Orca Action Team today and stay informed about Southern Resident orcas, our work and ways to get involved.

Are you a boater?

Protect Southern Resident orcas by doing your part and following the Marine Mammal Regulations in BC Coastal Waters. Find out more about the 2022 Protection Measures.

*PRO TIP: You can also multiply your impact by taking the pledge to give Southern Resident orcas the space they need and staying at least 1 km away!

Orca Action Month 2022 events

Instagram livestream with SeaFlora Skincare

June 15 | 11am | GSA’s Instagram

Let’s meet on our Instagram (@GeorgiaStraitBC) with Chantelle Line, Seaflora Skincare’s sales and marketing manager, to discuss all things seaweed.

Watch the video here

Explore the underwater secrets of the Salish Sea and the Southern Resident orcas!

We talked and shared with experts from Parks Canada Gulf Islands National Park Reserve and Oceans Initiative who are leading underwater research on the Salish Sea and exploring the ways this research is helping advance the recovery of Southern Resident orcas. Watch the video below to discover what lies underwater for these endangered marine mammals and get inspired to take action!

Webinar with Whale Trail founder Donna Sandstrom

Watch the video below to discover the incredible Whale Trail with its founder Donna Sandstorm! Featuring conversations on how the Whale Trail came to be and how it has benefited Southern Resident orcas since its creation.

Join us again next year for another month of celebrating orcas! Join the Orca Action Team to stay informed.

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