Tankers and Spills

Get involved

The Trans Mountain expansion is an unwanted pipeline being forced on BC. Municipalities across the province have passed motions opposing the proposal and expressing deep concerns about the National Energy Board review and emergency response plans. Over 100 First Nations and tribes from across North America have signed a declaration banning tar sands pipelines from their territories under indigenous law. Business leaders like the former CEOs of BC Hydro and ICBC are speaking out in opposition, and dozens of legal challenges have been filed against the project. The courts have quashed the federal government’s approval of the expansion, a win for First Nations and for orca. The new re-approval is going to face the same resistance.

In short, this project faces a powerful and diverse opposition who are saying ‘no’ to Trans Mountain, and ‘yes’ to a clean energy future of liveable cities, stable jobs and healthy communities.

We can win this if we all pull together and keep the pressure on.

blue drops at peace arch rally What can you do?

  1. PULL TOGETHER to support First Nations’ legal challenges against Trans Mountain. The federal court decision is not going to be the last court case on this controversial project, and First Nations communities are at the front line of the legal fight. Fundraise online, organize events in your community, and help fill the legal war chest!
  2. GET IN TOUCH with Anna about how to get your community organized to participate in this, and other campaigns to defend our coastal waters!

One of the best things you can do to protect our coast from oil spills and other impacts of fossil fuel development is to support an effective charity like Georgia Strait Alliance. We all need to do what we can as individuals, but an effective organization like GSA can amplify our individual voices and affect policy change at the government level, as well as influence industry practices and provide opportunities for citizens to take coordinated meaningful action. DONATE NOW