Wastewater and Stormwater

McCauley Point outfall, Victoria

For generations, we have looked at sewage simply as a waste product to be rid of. Too often this waste – a combination of sewage and stormwater (runoff from roads, parking lots, roofs etc.) – has been discharged into our rivers and oceans, without adequate treatment.

Without proper treatment, the human waste, toxic chemicals and heavy metals that are in sewage end up in the ocean, endangering the health of both humans and marine life.

But is it really just a waste product, or a resource we’ve been overlooking?

Today, communities around the world are looking at sewage and organic waste differently, recovering resources such as heat, water and biofuels. With this approach to sewage management, communities are ending up with less pollution, and creating products, such as biofuels, that are helping them tackle climate change. Learn more about how sewage is being used as renewable energy resource here.

Learn more about our efforts to bring better treatment to the region: