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It’s black and white – Orcas can’t wait!

photo: Rachael Merrett

In the Southern Strait of Georgia, there is a unique population of killer whales called the Southern Residents. They are endangered. There are 76 individuals left. Action needs to be taken to save this species yet far too little is happening. Simply put, orcas can’t wait any longer.

Join other Canadians & Americans in a transboundary collaborative effort as we raise the temperature on the need for immediate action to protect and recover the iconic southern resident orca population.

Here’s are some ways you can help protect southern resident orcas

» Join the Orca Action Team –  Stay informed about actions you can take and information about the protection and recovery of the iconic southern resident orca population.

» Find out 76 things you can do to protect Southern Resident Orcas

» Give a donation – Support GSA’s efforts to stand up and give orcas a voice.