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Clean Marine BC Awards and Testimonials

Accolades for CMBC!

EcoStar Maritime Industry Award

EcoStar Maritime Industry Award

Georgia Strait Alliance is dedicated to providing boaters and marinas with the best possible resources to make it easier for everyone to protect our cruising waters for years to come. With gratitude, we acknowledge the many accolades that we have received over the years.

Our Clean Marine BC facilities have also provided testimonials reflecting the benefits of Clean Marine BC certification – not only to the marine environment, but also to their businesses and clubs, as well as to their patrons and members.

We cannot possibly name all of our many supporters here, however it is significant to note that we were initially approached by Environment Canada to bring a marina eco-certification to BC because they felt we were the best organization to take this on – and we were happy to do it! Over the years we have had the support of government, industry, boaters, and other environmental organizations who believe in this program.

We’ve also have your support – and it is your participation in Clean Marine BC that makes it such a resounding success!


Georgia Strait Alliance’s Clean Marine BC program was recognized with the 2018 EcoStar Award in the Maritime Industry category.

Clean Marine BC was also awarded the 2015 President’s Award from the Environmental Managers Association of BC.

We are the recipient of a Canadian Safe Boating Award (CASBA, 2001) for our Green Boating program and we were honoured again at CASBA, 2008 for “Safeguarding the Environment”.

In 2008 we also received the prestigious Yachtsman Spring Thaw Luncheon National Environment Award.


Boating industry backing is critical to our success. The Boating BC Association has been a long-time supporter of our Clean Marine BC program, and encourages BC boaters to boat green and support Clean Marine BC eco-certified boating facilities.

Clean Marine BC welcomes first boating facility in the Interior

Photo by Shawn Talbot

“The undertaking of a site audit that focused on how our operations impact the environment was such a beneficial experience. We are delighted to be recognized for our successful best practices and, more importantly, to learn of areas where we can continue to improve operations at our Club. This is an important initiative and we encourage other clubs and marinas to enroll in the Clean Marine BC certification not just on Okanagan Lake, but throughout the province.”

~ Thom Killingsworth, Executive Director of Kelowna Yacht Club

Victoria International Marina opens with highest Clean Marine BC certification

Photo by Cheryl Onciul

“Having Environmental Science as my degree and life’s work, I am privileged to represent an ownership group that allowed our team to do the right thing from the beginning. Recognition by Clean Marine BC is an honour, a milestone, and a feather that will be proudly displayed in our caps.”

~ Craig Norris, CEO of the Victoria International Marina

West Vancouver Yacht Club Awarded Five-Anchor Eco-Rating Certification

“We are very pleased to receive this five-anchor Award. It is only natural that our interest in being on the water should incorporate a stewardship of this precious resource. The West Vancouver Yacht Club and our members have always respected the waters we enjoy so much and we applaud the Georgia Strait Alliance for its work in formalizing a program to assist in its recovery and safeguarding. Achieving this top eco-rating requires a commitment of both the heart and resources. I applaud our members for their support and the part they all play in this achievement.”

~ Cam Telford, West Vancouver Yacht Club Commodore

Greater Victoria Harbour Authority receives highest eco-certification

“We are dedicated to making our operations as environmentally sound as possible. Voluntary participation in Georgia Strait Alliance’s Clean Marine BC Program for our marinas, and in Green Marine Management Corporation’s Green Marine Program for our port operations provides us with the tools to make that a reality.”

~ Ian Robertson, Chief Executive Officer of Greater Victoria Harbour Authority


Royal Victoria Yacht Club achieves four-anchor rating in Clean Marine BC Program

“Environmental stewardship is a core value of the Royal Victoria Yacht Club, and getting involved with the Clean Marine BC program was the next step on our journey of continual environmental improvement. We are proud to be a part of the Clean Marine certified marinas, yacht clubs and boatyards, setting a precedent for environmental stewardship in the Strait of Georgia and beyond.”

~ Simon Gatrell, RVYC’s General Manager


Saltspring Island Sailing Club is first in the Southern Gulf Islands

“We are a cooperative sailing organization, and our membership values not only fostering and promoting interest in cruising and sailing, but encouraging the responsible management and use of our waters. The CMBC program helps guide the club in how to continually improve our operations.”

~ Eric van Soeren, Past Commodore of Saltspring Island Sailing Club

Clean Marine BC recognized by Environmental Managers Association of BC 

EMA of BC President's Award“GSA’s Clean Marine BC program is clearly an unsung hero in its work to safeguard our marine environment and cruising waters for future generations. The tireless work they do in the background to educate and share information with marinas, boatyards and recreational boaters in BC about marine environmental best practices aligns perfectly with EMA of BC’s own mission. We believe wholeheartedly in the work this program is doing and applaud them for their accomplishments”.

~ Carlos de Ponte, President of the Environmental Managers Association of BC

Ladysmith Maritime Society newly accredited as one of BC’s clean marinas

Ladysmith Maritime Society Marina certification“We are thrilled to have been given the distinction of three anchor certification under the Clean Marine BC program. For our not-for-profit Society it is recognition that we are on the right path – a path that we believe will lead to a better marine experience for everyone, boaters and non-boaters. We see working with GSA and our sister marinas in the program as a powerful opportunity for positive change in our marine environment now and for future generations.”

~ Rod Smith, Ladysmith Maritime Society’s Managing Director

Four more marinas flying Clean Marine BC flag for environmental best practices

Vancouver Marina certification“Vancouver Marina joined Clean Marine BC out of respect for the marine environment because we make our living on the water. We do all we can to protect the ocean and foreshore, and get the message out to our customers to act as stewards of the marine environment here, and out on the water as well.”

~  Mike Short, Vancouver Marina’s Vice President and Marina Manager


Four more marinas flying Clean Marine BC flag for environmental best practices

Okeover CMBC flag“Clean Marine BC certification is a fairly straightforward process. The Georgia Strait Alliance people were very helpful. It was an education to the staff, the board members and myself as well in what is truly beneficial to the environment, which is so affected by the operation of boats in our harbour.”

~  Lyn Paris, Okeover Harbour Authority Administrator


Maple Bay Marina awarded second 4-anchor rating by Georgia Strait Alliance’s Clean Marine BC Program

Maple Bay RecertWe believe our participation in the Clean Marine BC program has been good for our business. The practical information presented by GSA and the collaborative nature of it, has helped us to improve the natural environment in and around the marina. This has translated into better boating experiences and in turn helps us to earn and retain high quality customers. It is also very satisfying to see the eel grass beds returning naturally along with the salmon fry and other wildlife. We are proud to be awarded our second 4 – anchor rating by the Georgia Strait Alliance’s Clean Marine Program and to be in the fine company of other industry leading marinas in the spectacular Salish Sea that we all share.”

~ David Messier, General Manager of Maple Bay Marina

Shelter Island Marina jumps two full anchor rating under Georgia Strait Alliance’s Clean Marine BC Program

Shelter Island Marina 4 anchorWe’re excited to have been awarded a 4-Anchor rating from GSA’s Clean Marine BC program. Over the past 2 years our staff has worked hard to ensure the environmental best practices we’ve put in place are adhered to, and increasing our rating by 2 anchors is a real testament to our commitment to protect the environment. We’re looking forward to working with GSA to attain a 5-Anchor rating in the near future.”

~ Terry McPhail, President of Shelter Island Marina

Georgia Strait Alliance awards False Creek Harbour Authority top environmental rating

False Creek 5 anchorBeing a commercial fishing harbour on the BC Coast has given us a strong tie to our water ways and the environment. We are honoured to be recognized with a 5-anchor rating and will stay the course with our continued commitment to the Clean Marine BC Program and the environment.”

~ Mike Loy, Harbour Master at False Creek Harbour Authority

“SunCruiser is proud to support Georgia Strait Alliance and help to communicate their Green Boating message. With approximately 700,000 recreational boaters in British Columbia Waters, we feel the work and initiative of the GSA is essential.  SunCruiser Media will continue to support the work of this organization of well being.”

~ Jason Tansem, President of SunCruiser Media