Take Action for Southern Resident Orcas


Photo credit: Miles Ritter. Photo taken from land.

Southern Resident orcas are essential to the health of the Salish Sea ecosystem and hold deep cultural value for the communities around this region. But they are threatened by the effects of marine contaminants, underwater noise, and a lack of access to food. This population is endangered and now numbers only 73 individuals in the wild, including the newborn orca calf J59. The good news is that we know what is needed to protect this species and we have the opportunity to act on it now before they return to the Salish Sea for the spring and summer seasons!

The Federal government needs to know that communities around the Salish Sea demand stronger actions to protect Southern Resident orcas. Past measures have been a step in the right direction but they are still not enough. The threats to their population remain, and deaths are still more common than births in all three pods. We need to do more and we need to do it now!

The birth of a new calf in J-pod is the ray of hope this population needs and protecting them is an opportunity we cannot let pass! However, two failed pregnancies in J pod this year also tell us the extreme state of emergency these orcas are in.

Today we demand that the Federal government implement stronger protection measures to provide the best chance of survival for baby J59 and diminish the chances of more failed pregnancies in this population.

Government is developing the 2022 protection measures as we speak, so please help us sound the alarm for stronger measures before Southern Resident orcas return to the Salish Sea this year.

Act now by sending this letter to Prime Minister Trudeau and his Federal colleagues outlining actions we want them to act on this year.