Salmon Aquaculture

salmon farm-broughtonSalmon farming, as it currently operates in open net cages in the ocean, has been shown to be devastating to the marine environment, particularly wild salmon.

The waste that is produced, the diseases and parasites such as sea lice, escapes of the farmed salmon, and entanglement and drowning of marine mammals are decimating the rich ecosystem of the northern Georgia Strait and Sunshine Coast.

In 2012, the Cohen Inquiry released its report into the 2009 collapse of the Fraser River sockeye and clearly indicated open-net cage salmon farms were a risk.  Judge Cohen stated: “In my view salmon farms should not be permitted to operate unless it is clear that they pose no more than a minimal risk to the Fraser River sockeye salmon.”

Judge Cohen made many recommendations and sadly, very few have been implemented and in fact, the federal government is blindly supporting the industry in its efforts to expand.  This is an industry that offers us very little and puts our wild salmon at risk.  Aquaculture has many benefits for society and the only path to sustainable salmon aquaculture is closed containment, a technology that is showing itself to be viable and a real option.

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