Ocean Acidification – References

Jellyfish, www.pdphoto.org

Jellyfish, www.pdphoto.org

Impacts for species in the Strait of Georgia

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Ocean Acidification: a Greater Threat than Climate Change or Overfishing? (Dr. William C. G. Burns, Journal of the Built & Natural Environments, Winter/spring 2008)

Impacts on killer whales

An ocean of poison – B.C.’s majestic killer whales are dying as their ocean home surrenders to the stress of pollution, global warming and carbonic acid (MacLeans, August 6, 2009)

Ocean acidification may already be having some serious impacts close to home.

Oysters in deep trouble: Is Pacific Ocean’s chemistry killing sea life? (Seattle Times, June 14, 2009)

Mussels Lose Out as Carbon Dioxide Changes Ocean (National Public Radio, Nov. 25, 2008)

Economic impacts

Statistics from the BC Ministry of Environment Oceans and Marine Fisheries Branch

Studies suggest that species will react in different ways – some might grow faster, while others struggle or die.

Study reveals both losers and winners of CO2-induced ocean acidification (University of North Carolina, Nov. 2009)