Voices of Salish Sea Youth

photo: St. Michael’s University School

Tell Your Ocean Story

Our mission to protect this inland sea we love is built on connecting people to these waters so they’ll understand its importance to our lives – and stand up to protect it. Connecting with youth about the diversity, abundance and importance of our local marine environment is key to that work. Youth of today can be ambassadors and protectors of the ocean now and into the future, when they become leaders, if they form a connection with it and begin to understand how wildlife (and humans) depend on it. From eelgrass to rockfish to whales, the biodiversity of life in our local waters is sure to inspire the wonder and imagination of every young west coaster!

In January 2018, we launched our first Youth Video Challenge to Promote Healthy Marine Environments School Program to five classrooms in Victoria.

We gave a presentation to the classes about why the ocean, and more specifically, why the Salish Sea is important to us. To emphasize its importance we introduced the students to some of the threats to the ocean and the wildlife that live here.

Toxic Contamination

Habitat Loss

Noise pollution

Marine Debris and Plastic Pollution

Abandoned, lost or other discarded fishing gear (ALDFG)


photos: St. Michael’s University School, Monterey Middle School, Isobel Griffin and Octavio Cruz

The Challenge

We challenged the kids in each of the classrooms to help us teach others about these threats and what community members (students, parents, city workers – everyone!) can do to mitigate or solve these issues. Each group researched an ocean threat further and developed key messages that they incorporated into a unique video to educate others.

We have been sharing the videos at our education and outreach events including World Ocean’s Day at Fisherman’s Wharf in Victoria where the grade four classes from St. Michael’s University School joined us to talk to visitors about their projects and show their videos. People loved hearing from the students directly and they were so enthusiastic about sharing their videos with the public- it was a huge success!

Check out our classroom videos and see the excellent work done by our classroom participants!

St. Michael’s University School – Grade 4

Monterey Middle School – Grade 7

Monterey Middle School – Grade 8

We would like to offer a special thank you to Victoria’s Telus Community Board for making this program possible, and to all the schools, teachers and students who took part!