Stewards of the Strait

Simple Steps for a Sustainable Sea

SOS-page-pic3We all feel an affinity to the beautiful, unique and important coastal waters which make up the great Strait of Georgia.  For so many of us in this region, outdoor recreation is a way of life and many coastal communities depend on the economic bounty that the Strait provides. We all share in the benefits of a healthy Strait but we also share a responsibility to help maintain a healthy and protected marine environment.

At a time when we feel frustrated or helpless about the state of our world’s environment and the inaction of government leaders, we often ask “what can I possibly do to make a difference?” The answer, of course, is to “act locally” and start with a commitment to the very important body of water at our front door.

The Stewards of the Strait pledges provide you with simple but meaningful steps to make a positive impact on the health of our Strait. With your help, we can build a community of awareness and action. Let’s create a sustainable and vital Georgia Strait for today and for generations to come.

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Download Exploring the Shoreline, Boating, Kayaking and Diving Pledges

Steward of the Strait Pledges