An interview with Adam Butcher, Director at Seaflora Skincare

Seaflora logoWe are thrilled to have been chosen by Seaflora Skincare as recipient of their give back program! Seaflora Skincare Inc. is a second generation organic skincare brand that uses wild-harvested nutrient-rich seaweed. Adam Butcher is the son of founder Diane Bernard, also known as the Seaweed Lady, and is CEO of the Sooke-based company he now owns with his partner Chantelle Line.

Through the month of June, for Orca Month, Seaflora will be donating 3% of total online sales from to GSA. Read on for an inside look at how this local business is intimately linked with the Salish Sea and why GSA’s work is so important for our local economy!


1. How did you first hear about GSA? When approximately was that?

Honestly, I cannot remember how or how long ago it was that I first heard about Georgia Strait Alliance. It’s been that long! Most likely it was through my parents who are life-long ocean activists and conservationists or through my time with the Veins of Life Watershed Society my first summer after graduating high school as a Canada Summer Job Student.

2. What prompted you to start supporting GSA?

It is important to us that we are supporting a marine-focused organization doing real work, providing real awareness and education while making a real impact right here where we live next to the ocean we love so much! We are stewards and stakeholders of the ocean’s health and biodiversity. Supporting Georgia Strait Alliance was an easy decision for Seaflora Skincare when looked at through our Core Values:

  • Success: We are not successful until you are
  • Sustainability: Transparent environmental stewardship in all our practices
  • Family: We believe everyone is connected and should be treated like extended family
  • Trust: We build trust through integrity and authenticity
  • Love-Based: Hard on the issue, not on the people!

As GSA successfully protects and restores the marine environment and promotes the sustainability of Georgia Strait, its adjoining waters, and communities, that makes us at Seaflora Skincare successful too. We live here, work here, play here, raise our families here and we demand a diverse, healthy marine ecosystem to thrive here too.

It’s so important to us at Seaflora Skincare to build trust through integrity and authenticity. Too many brands in our industry use buzz words of “green-living” and “sustainable practices”, but when asked “how” and “where” they respond with vagueness and imprecise statements. At Seaflora, we must be part of the solution.

Sooke view

It’s critical that the funds we raise and our monthly contributions are used in authentic and transparent ways. Doing so, allows us when asked, to point to the water and the land and say “There! The contributions through your support of Seaflora Skincare are at work right there!”

For these reasons and more we provide regular monthly funding to Georgia Strait Alliance, the Ancient Forest Alliance and the Sooke Salmon Enhancement Society.

3. Are there any areas that GSA focuses on that are particularly important to you? Which one(s)? Why?

Reduce Tanker Traffic and Protect our Coastlines. We struggle even thinking about the consequences of an oil spill on our coastline(s). Simply devastating and an unacceptable risk at all costs.

Orca Protection. We love baby orcas! The presence of these majestic apex predators is evidence of a biodiverse marine ecosystem and an intact food-chain. Yes, there are serious issues and pressures facing our resident and      transient pods and that’s why supporting organizations like Georgia Strait Alliance is more important than ever.

When friends and business partners from around the globe and across Canada come to Sooke to visit Seaflora Skincare, witnessing wild orcas and giant trees is always top of their list. And they remember these experiences for a lifetime.

4. Is it important to you to continue supporting GSA? Why?

For Seaflora Skincare, supporting the health of the ocean is the same as supporting clean air to breathe, fresh water to drink and nutritious food to eat. It’s our lives we are talking about here and we all support that!

It is so important to Seaflora Skincare to continue supporting the  ocean’s health and biodiversity so, for the month of June, in addition to our regular monthly donation, Seaflora Skincare will donate 3% of total sales – not profits – from  directly to Georgia Strait Alliance.


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller


KelpWe thank Adam and Chantelle for Seaflora’s dedication to keeping the coastline and its communities vibrantly healthy through supporting their favourite local non-profits and offering high quality products that use the healing qualities of the sea to improve the wellbeing of people in this region and around the world!

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