Adapting to a pandemic

Photo: Rachael Merrett

COVID-19 is having a profound effect on communities around the world, and each one of us is learning to navigate the collective unease and anxiety that we feel when information, advice and public health measures are changing more rapidly than we’ve ever known.

Those on the frontlines are doing a remarkable job as they work tirelessly to protect our health and wellbeing. We cannot fully express our appreciation for everything they are doing.

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. Many of us are reaching out to our neighbours and others in our community as we adjust our behaviours to adhere to public health advice. The coming together of communities and countries has been remarkable as we all work towards preventing the spread of this virus.

At Georgia Strait Alliance, we too are adapting to these challenging times, and are focused on supporting our staff and volunteers. They are the heart of who we are. In order to support broader public health efforts, our team is working from their homes for the next while, staying connected to one another and our various partners, digitally.

Our work to protect the Salish Sea won’t stop, but for now, we are focused on connecting with and supporting our community. You’ll find stories, pictures and ideas on our platforms that we hope will bring us closer together during this unprecedented crisis. If it helps you to join our conversations, please do—we’ll be here.

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