Times They Are a-Changin’

How many times have those words from Bob Dylan’s 1964 song been used to describe a current situation? Who knows for sure, but I do know that those words are as true today as they were back then. Indeed I believe we are on the cusp of tremendous change. Some good, Some not so good.

Throughout the world we are seeing and hearing about dramatic changes in political stability, economic viability and environmental health. We are seeing record breaking climatic events every week and the emergence of movements like Idle No More and Defend our Coast. We are hearing about a public, here and in other countries that is dismayed by the actions (or inactions) of their leaders. People are standing up for what they believe is right and it seems that enough is finally enough.

Whilst I do not profess to have the answers to why or how much of this is happening, I do suspect much of it has to do with economic and social models based on continuous growth. Anyone who has studied ecology understands that ecosystems have resource and energy limits and can only adapt to change at a certain rate before they start to collapse. And like it or not, humans and our sometimes weird ways are part of those ecosystems and part of the ecosystem of the whole planet.

Once that is understood by more of our politicians and our business leaders, perhaps some of the conflicts we are seeing now will be unnecessary as we evolve to live in a more harmonious way with our home and each other. We cannot continue to use up all the resources of our planet. We cannot continue to poison our planet and we cannot continue to support a lifestyle that we in so called developed counties seem to believe is our right and that now is desired by less developed nations. With around 7 billion people on this fragile third planet from the sun something really has to change if we are are to survive as a species long term.  Let the changes happen. Support them happening. Lets make our own changes even though they can be scary and lets change to a more sustainable world.

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