Water’s Edge Day

Water’s Edge Day

Water’s Edge Day is an annual community celebration at Vanier Park for an all-ages activity fun-day, with land and water activities. All activities are free!

Paddle a canoe, kayak, or dragon boat. Touch sea critters. Learn about community-supported fisheries and what happens at Port of Vancouver. Create some arts and crafts. Listen to live music. Enjoy children’s entertainment. Explore the Vancouver Maritime Museum with free admission, and spend time at the shoreline.

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Thanks to Event Sponsor Port of Vancouver

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Water’s Edge Day is part of our Waterfront Initiative, a program that aims to establish a common vision for Vancouver’s waterfront; one that will restore, protect, and revitalize the shoreline. Water’s Edge Day is an opportunity for people to celebrate, connect with and explore the waterfront and experience the many different ways we interact with it.

Check out this video by the Vancouver Maritime Museum!