Georgia Strait Alliance featured on Victoria Foundation’s new Community Knowledge Centre

Georgia Strait Alliance was very pleased to be among the 32 not-for-profit organizations featured at the live launch of the Victoria Foundation’s Community Knowledge Centre on February 18th. The online hub showcases the work of local charities to potential donors, other organizations, and the greater community, and links with the Victoria Foundation’s Vital Signs report, … Continue reading

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Good things come in small packages

Back in the day when I was a school-kid, slogan t-shirts were all the rage – many of them went over my 9 year-old head (and remembering them now, I can’t believe how inappropriate some of those sayings were) but the kernel of truth from my best friend’s  “Good things come in small packages” shirt … Continue reading

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The year of the radical

If at the beginning of 2012 you had asked me to list a few words to describe myself, I might have chosen words like “wife”, “aunt”, “godmother”, “environmental advocate”, “news junkie” and “theatre lover”, to name a few.  But I can tell you that nowhere on this list would you ever have seen this one … Continue reading

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