Saltspring Island Sailing Club doubles its eco-certification

Eric van Soeren of Saltspring Island Sailing Club (photo by Michelle Young)

Saltspring Island Sailing Club (SISC) has doubled its eco-certification ranking in the Clean Marine BC program, securing a four-anchor rating following the Club’s recertification this month.

Clean Marine BC is a voluntary eco-certification program run by Georgia Strait Alliance, a non-profit marine conservation organization. Boating facilities undergo an independent audit to determine their eligibility for certification, and are awarded with an anchor rating that ranges from a minimum of one anchor to the top five-anchor rating. The anchor ratings reflect operational practices and initiatives that help to reduce the impact of recreational boating on the Strait of Georgia and beyond. Facilities must undergo recertification every three years at which time they may be recognized for improvements to their operations.

SISC is only the second facility to increase its anchor rating by two anchors at recertification in the 12 years since Clean Marine BC has been operating in the province.

Highlights of SISC’s recertification include:

  • Good stormwater management program
  • Active derelict vessel removal program
  • Member rules in place for vessel maintenance
  • Environmental components are included in the Club’s rules
  • Extensive recycling program that includes a used goods swap meet

“It’s so encouraging to see this reward for the additional operational measures that we’ve been putting into place over the past three years since we were first certified by Clean Marine BC. We’re pleased to be sharing these enhancements with our members whether through more visible initiatives, such as our ongoing dock replacement with encased floatation, or in more subtle ways like our Clean Regattas and other member events,” says Past Commodore Eric van Soeren of SISC.

Christianne Wilhelmson, Executive Director of Georgia Strait Alliance, says; “This is a huge accomplishment for Saltspring Island Sailing Club. It is only the second facility in our Clean Marine BC program that has increased its rating by two anchors in a single recertification period.”

With the certification of the Saltspring Island Sailing Club, there are 32 marinas, boatyards, yacht club facilities, and harbour authority docks that fly the Clean Marine BC flag.


About the Clean Marine BC (CMBC) program
CMBC is a voluntary eco-certification program that recognizes marinas and other boating facilities for environmental best practices, and assists them in making improvements to minimize the negative impacts of recreational boating. There are now 32 Clean Marine BC certified marinas, yacht club facilities, boatyards and harbour authority wharfs, and another 23 facilities have adopted the Clean Marine BC policy and are working towards certification.

About Saltspring Island Sailing Club
Located on Salt Spring Island, SISC began in 1969 as a youth sailing club. Today, they are a member-run organization with 200 regular members. Dedicated volunteerism has become a hallmark of the Club, resulting in a topnotch marina:

About Georgia Strait Alliance
Formed in 1990, Georgia Strait Alliance is the only conservation group working to protect and restore the marine environment and promote the sustainability of the whole of the Georgia Strait, its adjoining waters and communities,