Orca Bar

A tasty way to help save orcas

We are thrilled to announce Denman Island Chocolate’s Orca Bar! It’s a delicious combination of dark chocolate 63% cocoa mass and shredded coconut.

This fundraiser bar will benefit Georgia Strait Alliance’s Orcas Can’t Wait campaign to protect the endangered Southern Resident orca population. Denman Island Chocolate will donate $5 for every case of 24 bars sold. The Orca Bars will be on offer permanently because this iconic orca population will need help for many years to come.

Where can you buy Orca Bars?

Check out this list of retailers who are now selling Orcas Bars (when in stock). And hey, if your local Denman Island Chocolate retailer doesn’t carry the Orca Bar, why not ask them to? You can also order straight from Denman Island!

Because Orcas can’t wait

Southern Resident orcas are an iconic, culturally significant and endangered population that spends the spring, summer and fall in the Georgia Strait. As of June 2019 only 76 Southern Residents remain. The population is declining because of a lack of prey, underwater noise from human activity and toxic contaminants in their environment.

You can help protect the Southern Residents by:

  1. choosing sustainable seafood,
  2. minimizing the waste you produce,
  3. keeping garbage out of the ocean and
  4. by keeping a distance of at least 400 metres if you see them when you are out on the water,
  5. and now, by buying Denman Island Chocolate Orca Bars!

When we protect the Southern Residents, we protect the Georgia Strait and all the species and communities that depend on its health for their survival

get involved

The Georgia Strait Alliance works to protect and restore the marine environment and promote the sustainability of Georgia Strait, its adjoining waters, and communities. You can take part in protecting Southern Residents by joining Georgia Strait Alliance’s Orca Action Team.

Keep up to date by signing up for Strait Up our monthly e-newsletter, reading our blog and press and by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You can also help right now by making a donation! The support of individuals like you helps us to be responsive and push for the immediate action needed to bring the orcas back from the brink of extinction.