An Evening with the Strait

This fall, Karen Jørgensen has joined the GSA team as a volunteer and we’re so happy to have her on board.  From time to time, she’ll be sharing her experiences of her work with us and our coast as a guest blogger. *** I had such a lovely evening taking part in Georgia Strait Alliance’s successful … Continue reading

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June 4th: Silence is not an option

And the bad news just keeps coming. First came the outright attacks on environmental groups, trying to marginalize their efforts to give voice to citizens’ concerns over oil and gas development projects Then came the omnibus budget, which is pushing through massive de-regulations of environmental protection laws, without proper consultation or discussion, or using sound … Continue reading

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Charities suffer from gaming cuts

Whenever there are discussions around expanding gaming in this province, arguments often put forward are that monies brought it will go to assist those with gambling addiction and that a significant portion of the funds will go to support charitable work in communities around BC. With the announcement this week that the province is limiting … Continue reading

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