Hitting the BBQ circuit – and taking back what seems lost

On June 19th of this year, our federal Parliament passed Bill C-38, or what has become known as “the omnibus budget”.  I’m not sure about you, but when that happened, I felt like all the air went out of the room. This ‘budget’ of over 400 pages was devastating both in its scope and in … Continue reading

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June 4th: Silence is not an option

And the bad news just keeps coming. First came the outright attacks on environmental groups, trying to marginalize their efforts to give voice to citizens’ concerns over oil and gas development projects Then came the omnibus budget, which is pushing through massive de-regulations of environmental protection laws, without proper consultation or discussion, or using sound … Continue reading

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The responsibility of power

There are a lot of reasons why I choose to bike to work. Primarily, I find it a fast and easy way for me to get around and get my exercise at the same time. But more importantly it gives me time to think, to plan for the day to come and process the day … Continue reading

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