The Fight Isn't Over... Stand Against RBT2!

Photo Credit: Tom Middleton

When the federal government approved the destructive Roberts Bank Terminal 2 (RBT2) expansion last month, they increased the chances of extinction for Southern Resident orcas and silenced the thousands of voices that oppose the project.

But the fight is not over. We have another opportunity to stop this disastrous project!

The future of the project is now in the hands of the BC government as they need to provide authorization for the project to be built in BC. If they reject it, it will be the end for RBT2. We need your help to make that happen!

Help us say it loud and clear for all BC to hear: REJECT RBT2 NOW!

As it stands right now, we believe BC wants to approve this project as quietly and easily as possible. But we won’t let them.

The guiding document for this process, BC’s Environmental Assesment Report, is completely ineffective at evaluating the true destructive impacts that this mega project will have on BC and the entire Salish Sea region because it:

  1. Completely disregards and ignores the ecological effects RBT2 will have on the endangered Southern Resident orcas, wild Pacific salmon and the vital Fraser River estuary.
  2. Suggests adding only 17 extra conditions on the project that do nothing to limit its significant environmental damage or address the large gaps left by the 370 federal-approved conditions.
  3. It completely ignores the reality that the project will cause job losses in the province by contributing to unsustainable amounts of automation in the sector.

BC excuses their lack of action by arguing that the protection of Southern Resident orcas is not in their jurisdiction, while at the same time committing to their protection in their proposed Coastal Marine Strategy. If they are serious about protecting the entire BC coast and these at-risk species, they need to start showing it now by rejecting this project!

The province conducted a short 30 day public consultation on May 8th with no notice to the public, and if that wasn’t enough to be wary about, BC’s premier David Eby has already shown his support for the project publicly, . This process gives the increasing impression that they are just ticking off a procedural checkbox.

But we won’t let them get away with it. We have created this email writing tool to help you express your concerns about this destructive project to the government of BC.

The time is now…help us ensure the provincial government knows that the public stand united against RBT2, want it rejected and will not be quiet about it!