Harbour Authority of Salt Spring Island eco-certifies all eight facilities

Image by Chris Boulsbee.

The Harbour Authority of Salt Spring Island has certified all eight of its facilities in Clean Marine BC, an eco-certification program that supports boating facilities to make improvements that benefit the marine environment and also extend to business operations.

The eight facilities, located around Salt Spring Island, have all achieved four-anchor ratings out of five. CMBC anchor ratings range from one anchor for facilities that comply with federal and provincial legislation and are starting to implement environmental best practices to five anchor facilities, which have comprehensive and stronger operational and ecosystem conservation initiatives. These may include reducing and containing toxins, collecting and disposing of various wastes, conserving water and energy, as well as emergency preparedness, and habitat protection initiatives. 

Certification highlights of the Harbour Authority of Salt Spring Island include:

  • A fixed pump out station at the Ganges Breakwater dock is available for public use; 
  • Staff who are extensively trained on environmental policy and emergency procedures; 
  • A long-term dock replacement program underway to replace structures with materials that are less toxic and damaging to the marine environment; and
  • Spill response supplies are visibly located and readily available at all locations should a spill occur.

Clean Marine BC is run by the non-profit Georgia Strait Alliance, the only conservation group focussed solely on protecting and restoring the marine environment and promoting the sustainability of the Canadian waters of the Salish Sea, its adjoining waters and communities.


James Heath, Executive Officer, Marina Operations, Salt Spring Island Harbour Authority
“Certifying all eight of our facilities is already having a positive impact on the local marine environment and that feels great. Through this process, we’ve learned how to make substantial positive impacts on our marine and upland environment through thoughtful and strategic policies implemented by well trained staff year round.”

Mike Loy, President of the Harbour Authority Association of BC
“We offer mentorship support to members like the Harbour Authority of Salt Spring Island that wish to participate in Clean Marine BC because we see tremendous value in the review of operations and the recommendations for improvements that emerge from the site assessments.”  

Christianne Wilhelmson, Executive Director of Georgia Strait Alliance
“We welcome the Harbour Authority of Salt Spring Island into the ranks of Clean Marine BC. Support of Clean Marine BC from the Harbour Authority Association of BC and its members that choose to become Clean Marine BC certified means there is greater protection of local waters that support coastal communities.”


About the Clean Marine BC program
Clean Marine BC is a voluntary eco-certification program that recognizes marinas and other boating facilities for environmental best practices, and assists them in making improvements to minimize the impacts of recreational and commercial boating. There are now 47 Clean Marine BC certified marina, yacht club, boatyard and harbour authority facilities, and another 30 facilities have adopted the Clean Marine BC policy and are working towards certification: www.georgiastrait.org/work/cleanmarinebc

About the Harbour Authority of Salt Spring Island
Located in a popular tourist destination, the Harbour Authority of Salt Spring Island (HASSI) provides services to commercial fishers, local boaters, visitors, and transient boaters, and hosts water taxi and floatplane services for the public. HASSI manages eight facilities in five locations on Salt Spring Island: www.saltspringharbours.com

About Georgia Strait Alliance
Formed in 1990, Georgia Strait Alliance is the only conservation group working to protect and restore the marine environment and promote the sustainability of the Canadian waters of the Salish Sea, its adjoining waters and communities: www.georgiastrait.org