BC’s political parties answer GSA’s questions

The BC provinical election is October 24, 2020

Before the 2020 election, we asked the major parties in B.C. about some of the most important issues on our coast: their stance on a coastal strategy and law, fossil fuel subsidies, Indigenous Guardian programs, plastics and contaminants, and fish farms.

Find out what they said below.

Coastal Protection Act

If elected, will you (your party) commit to the development and implementation of a BC Coastal Strategy and Law in the coming term?



If elected, how will your government deal with the economically and environmentally unsustainable fossil fuel industry?


Indigenous Guardians

If elected, how will your government support the long term viability and expansion of Indigenous Guardian programs in BC?



If elected, will your government take definitive action to transition B.C.’s open-net pen salmon farms to land-based closed containment operations, such as discontinuing open-net pen fish farm tenures, as soon as possible?


Plastics, Contaminants and Wastewater

If elected, will your government fund tertiary wastewater treatment upgrades for communities surrounding the Salish Sea?