Oil spills in your backyard

Download: Oil spills in your backyard: What BC’s coastal communities need to know

16.OSB-cover-socialThere are over a dozen major new export projects currently proposed on both sides of the Canada/US border. This means that shipping traffic passing through the Salish Sea is set to rise dramatically, bringing with it a significant increase in the risk of an oil spill.

What if a major oil spill happened in your own backyard? What would it mean to you and your family?

The report reveals the predicted impacts of a major spill in the Salish Sea, and tells the stories of communities who have suffered devastating spills in the past. It’s designed for community members who want to get the facts about how an oil spill could impact their health, their community, the local environment and BC’s economy.

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The report makes it clear that we need better spill response to deal with the threats from the ships that are already plying our waters – and we need to reject projects like Kinder Morgan’s that dramatically raise the risk of a tar sands spill.

actnowTake part in the new round of public consultation on Oil Spill Response, and make 2018 the year we strengthen the defenses on our coast!