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Orca breaching in Vancouver HarborIt’s time for fossil fuel companies to pay their fair share to the municipalities that are bearing the brunt of the costs of dealing with the impacts of a climate that is breaking down.

In Canada, the oil and gas sector is responsible for the largest percentage of our emissions, and the expansion of oil and gas operations is what is keeping them high according to Canada’s own communications to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.  Through the work of our allies and partners like The Carbon Majors Project, we know that there is a small group of investor owned, state owned, and government run companies who supplied or released the majority of global climate change causing greenhouse gases. Not only that, but many of them knew of the negative impacts of their products on the global environment, hid that knowledge and their connection to solid evidence of the need for their business model to change.

This is where you come in. You can send a letter to the editors of your local newspapers to raise your voice in the community for action.

Your letter tailored can include:

  1. Your concerns as a resident
  2. The vulnerable infrastructure in your jurisdiction
  3. The ways in which fossil fuel producers can become accountable

Write your letter today.