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Here are the correct answers to the questions in the Clean Boater Survey, and links to more information:

Q: How far are boaters legally required to keep away from orcas in southern BC coastal waters?

A: 400 metres

Learn more about whale watching rules, which can vary by species and location, and how to protect marine mammals while boating.

Q: What size of spills into the ocean need to be reported?

A: All spills must be reported regardless of size.

Q: Do you know who to call when a spill occurs?

A: Marine spills of any size must be reported to the Canada Coast Guard on VHF radio channel 16 or by calling 1-800-889-8852.

Also report spills to 1-800-OILS-911 (1-800 6457-911), and to marina staff if you are at a marina.

Q: Is the use of soap to disperse a spill in the water legal?

A: It is illegal to use soap to disperse a spill.

You will receive three types of spill supplies in your Clean Boater Kit, plus information on preventing spills from happening and what to do if a spill occurs. These spill supplies will absorb hydrocarbons, but not water. Secure the bilge sock in your bilge to ensure that your bilge water is clean before pumping it overboard. Use the fuel bib around the fuel nozzle to prevent drips from entering the water. The spill pad is multipurpose, and can be used to clean up small spills onboard, to catch drips, and to help keep your boat clean during engine maintenance.

While you are waiting for your Clean Boater Kit to arrive, you can learn more about spill prevention and clean up here.

CMBC Boater Kit spill supplies

Q: Do you know why it is important to Clean Drain and Dry your boat when moving to a new location?

A: To prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.

Learn more about how you can prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.

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