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Featured Artists

Leanne Hodges

Paintings “Salmon & Orca”, “Coastal Lifeblood” and “Echolocation: the bigger picture” are featured on the first three ecards.  They beautifully show, the deep connection between orca and salmon – something that is at the heart of the work the GSA does. Find her on social: @wildartist.leanne (facebook) and @westcoastwildartist (instagram)

Esmé Morris

Drawing “Daytime/Nighttime” which is incorporated into the fourth ecard (with the falling snow), was created by Esmé Morris, a youth activist from Kamloops, who fell in love with orcas after reading Orcas Everywhere by Mark Leiren-Young. She is helping orcas in every way she can and helping the world become a better place. Read more about her story in this 2021 blogpost.

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