Stuart Armour

Harlock Island

Harlock Island

For many years, GSA gratefully received Stuart Armour’s generous financial donations, which he delivered in person during hurried stops at our Nanaimo office. In fact, his visits were so brief, and he was gone so quickly, that only one of our staff ever managed to meet him despite the best efforts of several others to do so!

But we all knew who he was and appreciated him: his donations made him our largest individual donor for many consecutive years. Stuart stopped donating to GSA around 2004 when he fell ill, but some time after he died, we discovered that we had not been far from his thoughts as he set out his last wishes.

As part of his estate, Stuart asked his executor to disburse certain assets to charities he cared deeply about, including Georgia Strait Alliance. To our great amazement, the asset he bequeathed to GSA (with the proceeds from its sale to be split equally with our partner organization, Ecojustice) was a small island in Page Passage.

From time to time during his life Stuart had written GSA to encourage us to keep up our efforts to win sewage treatment in Victoria and end netcage salmon farming in BC. These were among the issues he cared about, and his incredibly generous legacy will help us to strengthen our effectiveness in tackling issues like these for many years to come.