Ask your MP to vote yes to end abandoned vessels

According to the national inventory, there are over 1,400 known cases of wrecked, abandoned or hazardous vessels in Canada. These vessels pose serious risks to marine ecosystems, wildlife, food security, navigation, public safety and local economies, and is an issue that must be addressed now.

Since the implementation of the Wrecked, Abandoned, or Hazardous Vessels Act in 2019, only 1 fine has been issued. This is incredibly low considering that these problem vessels are on all of Canada’s coasts.

We are calling on Parliament to approve Bill C-344 – an Act to amend the Wrecked, Abandoned, or Hazardous Vessels Act.

This bill, currently tabled in Parliament by Nanaimo-Ladysmith MP Lisa Marie Barron, proposes a comprehensive national strategy that includes measures to:

  • Provide support and resources towards salvaging and innovative recycling initiatives
  • Regulate systems to identify vessel owners and encourage proper vessel disposal
  • Foster cooperation and partnership between provincial governments and Indigenous governing bodies

We need to act fast. Ask your MP to vote ‘YES’ and keep the coast clear of abandoned vessels!