CMBC branding resources

We have new logos and graphics for our CMBC certified facilities!

Clean Marine BC has new logos and graphics for your use! Clean Marine BC certified facilities are welcome to use these logos and graphics, and we encourage you to display them at your location and in your communications.

General Guidelines

  • All Clean Marine BC (CMBC) logos are copyright protected, and remain the property of Georgia Strait Alliance. These graphics are restricted to the use of CMBC-certified facilities.
  • If your organization’s CMBC certification is rescinded, you must not display the CMBC logo, including flying the CMBC flag, hanging the CMBC sign, or using any CMBC branding at your facility, on your website or in printed materials.
  • Expired CMBC certification certificates should not be displayed in public.

Usage Guidelines

  • Graphics must be used as they are provided. Alterations of any kind, including cropping, adjusting the orientation or colours, or stretching the logos are not permitted.
  • Graphics are divided into digital and print versions:
  • Digital files use RGB (Red, Green, Blue) colour mode. These logo versions are for use on screens. This includes websites, apps, social media, newsletters and any other digital use.
  • Print files use CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key) colour mode. These logo versions are designed to use in print materials.


We have 3 versions of our logo. See below for web and print version download links.

Stacked logo Banner logo Banner logo with slogan


We have 4 versions of our CMBC badge. See below for web and print version download links.

Generic badge Generic badge (square) Marina badge Marina badge (square)