Waterfront Initiative

Lunch With A Friend

photo: J. Angeli

On most days through the year, rain or shine, you will find my kids, husband and I at Jericho Beach! We love to ride our bikes there and hang out on the beautiful sandy beach in the little cove just next to the rocky pier. We look for the many curious seals who come in close, and see the occasional sea otter looking to make their way from the ocean across the field to the lagoon. At low tide the kids play games on the pier, accompanied by cormorants, seagulls and sometimes herons. Eagles nest in a tree right near to this cove, and we often see them overhead. Rabbits live in the blackberry brambles just behind the cove, and are often near to the water’s edge – we feed them lettuce, and of course enjoy the blackberries each summer!

We swim from May through October here, and have also borrowed and rented a canoe on occasion to be on the water and see it from the seals’ perspective. My husband swims and trains for the Oceanman race here, and our 7 year old daughter tried paddle boarding for the first time one August morning, and placed 7th that afternoon in the kids SUP Challenge race, just west of our little spot. My young son and I build sand castles and often comb the beach for the many beautiful shells in the tideline.

This is our meeting place for so many get togethers – friends always know where to find us. It is an absolutely beautiful, peaceful, nature-filled place to be, and we can’t imagine our life without this amazing part of the waterfront. From the memories of our wedding beside water’s edge and the kids learning to swim in the ocean, to so many happy peace-filled days sitting watching the water and the many sea and land animals going about their day, we feel so lucky and so grateful to call this area our own little spot – though so many others happily share it with us.
-J. Angeli

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