Tankers and Spills

Climate Action Centre

Oceans have a lot to lose when it comes to climate change. Not only will the sea level change dramatically, but the acidity and salinity will also shift. The marine ecosystem is under direct threat as part of the climate crisis.

The climate crisis demands action. Together, we can stop the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure in our region, demand climate accountability from those who have profited from climate chaos, and help build the climate-stabilizing economy that our oceans and whole planet need.

Take Action for Climate Accountability in Your Community

  1. Write a letter to the editor
  2. Sign up to get your community involved

Climate Change Resources

Need to know more? These resources range from the basics of climate change, to how to have challenging conversations about climate, to taking action in your community.

Fighting the TransMountain Expansion

Join a powerful and diverse opposition who are saying ‘no’ to Trans Mountain, and ‘yes’ to a clean energy future of livable cities, stable jobs and healthy communities.

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Climate Accountability for Your Community

More and more city managers across the province are starting to prepare their communities for climate change. More than 20 local governments are actively fighting back against the biggest fossil fuel companies and their business model that passes climate costs, in their entirety, to communities.

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