Take action to help wild pacific salmon!

Let's say it together... Get the nets out now! Add your voice today

We want to thank the 3066 of you who took the time to send a letter to the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans to make it clear that we want open-net fish farms out of BC waters now!

At GSA, we are convinced that our collective message was loud and clear, and we will keep working to ensure the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) continues to feel the pressure and keeps its promise to remove this harmful industry from BC waters by 2025.

So what’s next? In the next couple of months, GSA, along with our coalition partners, will keep engaging in conversations with DFO around the transition plan that is expected to be released next summer.

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We will need as many folks as possible to be ready to take further action in case DFO decides to leave open-net salmon farms in BC waters past 2025.

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As an environmental charity, GSA relies on the support of people like you to do this work to protect the health of wild Pacific salmon. With our decades of experience advocating to end open-net salmon aquaculture, we know how to read between the lines and get to the truth of what the government is really asking in consultation processes like this one. Please donate today if you can. This will help us to reach more people to give them the opportunity to express their concerns and hold the government to their promises.