Climate Action Centre

Tell the Provincial Government: Emissions can’t keep rising

and this is how we stop it

The BC government has released our latest inventory for greenhouse gas emissions, covering the calendar year  2017. The news is bad: our carbon emissions are up. The last time emissions were this high was in 2008, when climate change was still a new concern for the BC government.  

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

In between, we’ve had a lot of climate plans and policies, including some very good policies and government actions. But what we haven’t had are mechanisms to keep the government accountable for climate change outcomes. As a result, emissions have sometimes gone up, sometimes down. If this government is serious about living up to its commitments to reduce climate destabilizing carbon emissions, they must put in place rules and oversight bodies that will keep us on track. 

This government is close to enacting mechanisms that would really make a difference, but they haven’t followed through yet. Send them an email so they know that you were paying attention when the inventory came out, and expect them to follow through on their Clean BC commitments to good climate governance.