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Tell Federal Leaders and Local MPs: Collaborate for the Coast

Tell MPs and party leaders: our coast needs cooperation!

Cargo vessel near Race Rocks. Photo: Alex Fletcher-Ecoguardian

In the wake of the October 21st election, conversations about what a new government must do are everywhere. The parties are beginning their public posturing and quiet negotiations. A minority situation means they are going to have to work together for Parliament to function: let’s make sure they work for the benefit of this beautiful coast.

It’s no secret that the Salish Sea faces a host of threats. The parties must work together so that wild salmon and Southern Resident orcas don’t merely survive, but thrive. They must defend our coast from the Trans Mountain tanker and pipeline project, and take real action to stabilize our shared climate.

The threats to our coast are real, they are urgent, and all of them can be solved. Leaders need to hear about the importance of these priorities from you. Many MP’s new emails haven’t yet been set up – so we’re taking to Twitter to make sure that they get your message.

Collaborate for the Coast Twitter

Our tool pulls three names randomly from the party leaders and sets up a tweet for you to send them. Please add your personal emojis, hashtags, and words to the following: