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Premier Horgan: Stop fueling the fires of climate change

Shawn Cahill / CC BY-SA (

Ashcroft Reserve wildfire – Look Lake, BC. Photo by Shawn Cahill under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

Human-caused climate change is already being felt in BC, with salmon runs declining because of warmer waters, forest fires of catastrophic scale, and ocean acidification impacting shellfish and other marine species.

The expansion of fossil fuel extraction stands to make all of this worse. Premier John Horgan’s government is giving away billions of public dollars to the frackers, pipeline companies, and LNG terminals that are fueling the fires of climate change. 

Natural gas is 95% methane, a greenhouse gas that traps heat 84 times as much as carbon dioxide does, and is responsible for 25% of current warming. BC fracking wells are already leaking methane into our shared atmosphere. Further subsidies will only cause emissions from this dangerous industry to grow. 

We need to shift these billions in subsidies away from the sunset industry of fossil fuels, and towards a green economy. We need a just transition for workers, increased investment in sustainable energy like solar farms and geothermal and investments into building retrofits. All of this starts with ending subsidies to the companies fueling the climate crisis.