2019 Program

Time: 7pm (Doors at 6:30)

Raven People Rising (30min)

Raven People Rising is a film chronicling the efforts of Indigenous people to chart a sustainable and just course through the troubled waters of the Great Bear Sea. In this 30 minute film, set in one of the Earth’s last tracts of intact temperate rainforest, meet elders, youth, and tribal leaders who describe a mixed inheritance: on the one hand, the incredible violence of residential schools and cultural erasure, and on the other, an unbroken lineage of ancestral teachings that powerfully connect people to place.

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Small Fish – Big Problem (8min)

Pacific Herring need our help if we are to save the salmon, killer whales and other marine species in the Salish Sea. This film explains why we need to stop the commercial herring roe seine fishery in the last remaining spawning area on the B.C. coast.

Return of the Humpbacks (12min)

The first humpback whale in a century swam into Howe Sound in 2008. Since then humpback visits have increased in the last few years. See one man’s journey of remarkable encounters with three humpback whales. But more than this, the movie is about his own pursuit to know these whales as individuals.

Fish First (20min)

Travel to Dillingham, Alaska, to experience the buzz of 50 million salmon returning to spawn in the most productive fishery in the world, providing us with a powerful springboard for an action-oriented conversation on how to collectively protect wild salmon here in the Salish Sea.

For the Love of Salmon (8min)

Keely Weget-Whitney steps into the frigid and fast-moving waters of the Fraser River with one goal in mind: make people care. Join the 25-year-old member of the Stl’atl’imx First Nation as she embarks on a 60 kilometre swim to bring awareness to the depleting number of wild salmon and its impacts on her culture and the environment.

Join us after the films for Q&A panels with:


June 5

Alex Harris from Fish First & Raven People Rising, Bob Turner from Return of the Humpbacks, Mari-Lou Nidle from RiverShed Society of BC (For The Love of Salmon) and Grant Scott of Hornby Island Conservation Society (Small Fish Big Problem)!

June 6

Alex Harris from Fish First & Raven People Rising and Bob Turner from Return of the Humpbacks!


Andrea Palframan from Raven People Rising, Luke Wallace from Fish First, Bob Turner from Return of the Humpbacks and a representative from Hornby Island Conservation Society (Pacific Herring: Small Fish-Big Problem)!

Thank you to Patagonia and Vancity (enviroFund) for their generous support!