2013 Program

Vancouver Festival of Ocean Films

June 8th

Stand (2013)

A surf and SUP film about a threatened coast.
Directors – Nicolas Teichrob and Anthony Bolero (Canada)

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Dark Side of the Lens

It’s a Celtic voice and a Celtic sea. It’s the voice and footage of Mickey Smith, an Irish cinematographer of surfing.

Director – Mickey Smith (United Kingdom)

Fathoms Left to Fall

Surfing isn’t a easy game to get right, once in a lifetime 50 ft faces followed by a endless search for shelter.

United Kingdom

Relative – Brothers,Waves, Life

A short film about surfing, the ocean, family, and the places, people and goals that shape our lives.

Director – Anthony Butler (United Kingdom)

Uncommon Ideals

Stories from the North Sea. From the fjords to the lochs, from brown to blue. Surfing’s sepia dipped North Sea tales foretold…

Director – Chris McClean (United Kingdom)

June 9th

The Island President

To save his country, he has to save the planet
Director – Jon Shenk (Ireland)

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A Hand to Stand

A Hand To Stand is a short film and trans-media journey to document and share their story, as this group of teenagers craft their own Stand Up Paddleboards.

Directors – Lindsay Marie Stewart and Matt Miles (Canada)

The Big Fix

The Big Fix is a damning indictment of a system of government lead by a powerful oligarchy that puts the pursuit of profit over all other human and environmental concerns.

Directors – Joshua Tickell and Rabecca Harrell Tickell (USA)

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One Ocean- The Changing Seas

a scientific race – a race to predict the fate of the global ocean and its amazing creatures.

Director – Merit Jensen Carr (Canada)