2012 Program

Vancouver Festival of Ocean Films

Ice Bears of the Beaufort

Created by a filmmaker living among the Inupiat Eskimos and polar bears of the Beaufort Sea, this film bears witness to the precious and unprotected home that supports a thriving– yet threatened– way of life.

Director – Arthur C. Smith III (USA)

DVDPoster7.302Fish Meat

Two friends, a fish scientist and engineer, take a sailing voyage through the cradle of western civilization to pull back the cover on modern fish farming.

Director – Joe Cunningham (USA)


paddle-to-seattle-journey-through-the-inside-passage-movie-poster-2009-1010680762Paddle to Seattle: Journey Through the Inside Passage

Follow two friends as they build their own kayaks and paddle together for 97 days through the wilderness on a journey from Alaska to Seattle.

Directors – J.J. Kelley & Josh Thomas (USA)

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