Digital Communications & Outreach Assistant Application Phase 2

Georgia Strait Alliance wants to plan a fun event this summer to help connect the general public to the Salish Sea!

What event would you host if you were selected as the new Digital Communications & Outreach Assistant? Luckily, this is in your imagination so you don’t have to worry about budget or physical distance restrictions! The event can be an original idea from you, or feature one of GSA’s past events. Once you know what you want your event to be, create a poster and tweet to help promote the event, and share it with us through this online form.

There are lots of free graphic design tools online – we recommend Canva!

This is just a fun way for us to get to know your creativity and style a little bit more. We don’t expect anyone to spend more than 1 hour working on their poster and tweet. It’s perfectly acceptable to adapt and use templates, and it’s okay if it’s not totally polished!

As this part of the process is still blind screening – please ensure that your poster does not contain any identifying information.