Ask questions

The 2015 election is shaping up to be one of the tightest races in many years. Candidates are working hard to reach out to voters, and more than likely you’ll be hearing from them on the phone and on your doorstep. This is a rare opportunity to communicate directly to our next generation of MPs about what matters to you. With the race so close, candidates are open to listening to voters’ priorities, so now is a critical moment to ask concrete questions about what steps your candidates will take to protect our coastal waters and communities.

The following are some top priority questions that we at GSA would like to see answered by candidates in coastal ridings. These are just a guide, and of course you should ask candidates about what matters most to you. But whether it’s on the doorstep, on social media, at an all-candidates’ meeting, on the phone or in a letter to the editor of your local paper, please make the most of this opportunity to make your voice heard.

  1. In light of the recent Marathassa oil spill in English Bay, what do you see as the top three priorities for improving marine oil spill preparedness and response on BC’s west coast?
  2. What specific actions can the federal government take to ensure that communities are meaningfully involved in oil spill planning and response?
  3. Do you support or oppose Kinder Morgan’s proposed TransMountain pipeline expansion project?
  4. What are the three most important steps the federal government should take to tackle climate change?

If you’d like more information or support on asking questions of your candidates, or if you get a reply from your candidate on some of these questions that you would like us to post on our website as part of our candidate survey, please email

Most of all, please get out and vote on October 19th!