2 Minute Survey for Orca Recovery

photo: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Georgia Strait Alliance is continuing to advocate for the recovery and protection of the endangered southern resident killer whales. Evidence from scientific research and observations reveals that the southern residents are greatly threatened by the lack of salmon available to them. With chinook salmon making up to 90% of the diet of the endangered southern resident killer whale population, immediate action must be taken to ensure the whales have enough food to eat now and into the future.

Coastal communities can play an integral role in guiding government decisions to turn the tides on the critical situation the southern resident killer whales are facing. We would like to learn more about the priorities you support in salmon recovery for the southern resident killer whales so that yours can be one of the voices we hear as we determine our strategic direction.

This survey is now closed. Thank you for participating.

Learn more about the southern resident orcas and what you can do to protect them